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Servers 2


Posted by Code (Admins) at Oct 25 2013, 09:30 PM. 4 comments

I'm bored and created a server.

Maybe I'll do something with it.


Posted by Pobie Mc.Dolen (Global Moderators) at Jul 18 2013, 07:29 PM. 17 comments

I would like to wish you all a great summer on behalf of...myself.

Summer is a time of relaxation. A time where you have to enjoy yourself, do whatever you want and get outside for a while. No matter what you do, be sure to treat yourself and do what you like to do. And for those who work, WELCOME TO DIE BITCHES. No but seriously, I just wanted to wish you a nice summer on behalf of the Magic Mushroom community.

What's great about this place is that no matter how dead our communities get, we always end up back playing together, and I sure hope we get this place back up soon.

Have fun!

Schrödinger's cat is dead

Posted by Code (Admins) at Jun 2 2013, 01:03 AM. 5 comments

Schrödinger's cat is alive


Rising Storm is out and our RS storm beta server has grown up to a RO2 server that primarily has RS maps. It does have a small selection of RO2 vanilla maps. Likewise our old RO2 vanilla server has also the Rising Storm maps but the majority of the maps on that one is Vanilla RO2.

Both can be found by searching for the usual tag MM

The mostly vanilla server is MM | RO2 Server #1 and the mostly RS server is Server #2. Both have bots if the server is empty (ICECREAM I LOVE ICECREAM). All it takes is a single person to join and the bots will spawn in and as people join the bots are taken away.

Server #1 runs on classic and Server #2 runs on Realism. I hope to find documentation someday and hopefully turn Server #1 into a Campaign server.


Unfortunately to accomodate the new RS server, I took down the Bad Company 2 server (which rarely got hits, like the rest of our servers hue hue) But this is okay since the RS server gets plenty of hits as is.


Unfortunately I dropped the ball on the Chivalry free play weekend. I had the server files completely installed but was busy that weekend and couldn't turn it on and make a community announcement about it.


From a long dead nap, I magically got a Dark RP server up.

We're still working on the kinks of that server.
I plan on removing ability for admins to spawn vehicles, limiting weapon dealers and getting harsher punishment for prop spawners that break immersion (muh immersion mom)

We don't use Downtown since that map is fucking awful, instead we use a rather big map (smaller than evocity) and we have the room to actually capitalize on our map size (MAX 64 players can be set but I'm probably gonna bring it down to between 30 and 40)


Like every other server out there we want to try and break the norm of a Dark RP server being a glorified Build Server with heavy deathmatch.

Personally I want to remind a few community members of when I would play jailbreak with you guys. It's terribly boring if you just play the game and not actually RP. Find a role and play it. If you know something about another player that you learned through an outside source, ignore it. New Life Rule isn't to make your time gimped, it's to add to the experience for others.

Redwolfo makes some decent points in this thread.


Schrödinger is an animal abuser. Constantly putting cats in situations that live in one time stream but die in another.

This community is the internet version of Schrödinger's cat

Posted by Code (Admins) at May 20 2013, 02:45 PM. 8 comments

Alright, shit's over I graduated college so no more homework and shit.

I've been trying to get a MvM server up and going. Well it is going at the ip

It runs only the highest difficulty maps but doesn't have a vote system.

It also isn't tied to our pyschostats system but instead runs on its own HLSTATS system. I plan on adding more plugins to it (one plugin will allow a maximum of 10 players to play)

Hopefully we can also get the TF2 MGE server also going soon. This will bring our server count to a total of 7 (Not counting the ARMA 2 and Chivalry server still being developed).

3: TF2
1: TTT
1: Bad Company 2
1: L4D2
1: Red Orchestra 2

I would also like to have us back to having scheduled game nights.


The TF2 servers I'd like to get those working with REPLAY as well as taking a look at our primary TF2 server and tweaking some bugs that arose from the switch to STEAMPIPE. I might even considering backing up our primary TF2 server and possibly doing a wipe if STEAMPIPE fucked up our system as much as it did to other people.


A community member or two will be promoted to owner (Red Forum Name) sometime in the coming weeks.


As usual I'm gonna strongly encourage donations to keep the community servers up. We don't pocket any donations, everything goes to keeping the servers running and to keep those working on the servers motivated to keep trying to maintain them and add bad end round songs.

We are encroaching on the one year anniversary of the community and then shortly after the possible 2nd annual community TF2 tournament (Team 2 dominate)


Any questions and concerns feel free to post in here or ask me on steam.

One Week VDS Report

Posted by Code (Admins) at Apr 13 2013, 06:45 PM. 17 comments

Well right now all of our open servers are full or almost full and here's the stats of our VDS for it.

[Hidden Content: Login/Register to View]

TF2 Matchmaking is finicky at times but once it starts sending players it's good.

RO2 is set for around 25 bots when the server is empty so even a single person can enjoy that server, but in the afternoon the server is full.

L4D2 randomly receives players at all hours of they.

And now our new TTT server is ready to go. There is a few things I'd like to add to it but that can be added at anytime in the future.
Feel free to add it's new IP at
All bans should've transfered successfully as well as all admin permissions.

Unfortunately I will not be joining the TTT server for some time as my gmod installation has shit itself.

We also have plans to open a MGE TF2 server for MLG PRO GAMER XxMETAL_GEARxX gameplay needs. However before that happens the second TF2 server will be used to test plugins I plan to implement on the main server. With any luck we can get donator perks running for that server.


The donation page is now reactivated on the forums. It can be found on the top left of the forums. I encourage everyone to please help with the server by donating.

For more information, please feel free to ask questions in this thread or ask me on steam.

New test servers

Posted by Code (Admins) at Apr 5 2013, 10:23 AM. 11 comments

Alright, right now we are running a test of a new Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS).

It's not exactly beefy but it's decent enough. It's also a manged server so most updates are handled by the providers.

For testing purposes I've installed a few servers on it.

We have Red orchestra 1, Red Orchestra 2, TF2 and GMOD.

Right now only RO1 and RO2 are up and running publicly.
Both of which can be found at these IPs:
Red Orchestra 2 ---
Red Orchestra 1 ---

These servers are off course only for testing purposes and are not indicative of any permanent server lineup. However RO2 has been constantly full since starting up, but this is no doubt attributed to the free weekend and the humble weekly bundle.

Depending on how testing goes for the VDS it may become the new home for TTT. So far we do like what we see.


This VDS is also unfortunately based in the west coast (I fucked up) but I do plan on moving it to either a Chicago based location OR a New England based server. Even then the servers are still completely playable with no noticeable lag despite what the ping says.

This shouldn't affect the TEST IPs since those are all generated by me.


Another big issue is dealing with IP changes. I don't like it at all and it confuses players. So we will be doing a final solution to this problem. In the coming days I'll change the IP of our gmod server to
No matter what server we change to I can set that URL to forward to the new IP and this will hopefully aleviate any issues we will have in the future.


Our steam group will make postings for any stress test we will make regarding our test GMOD server.


As usual I'm offering anyone the ability to work on any server the community runs and would like to run.

A list of servers we can run can be found by clicking this LINK

However since we are running a windows based server we can not run Minecraft on it.

:apple: :apple: :apple: :apple:

Gaming and Media News section added

Posted by Code (Admins) at Mar 19 2013, 02:53 PM. 0 comments

To get more activity on the forums we've created a section where community members can write up gaming news articles.

Topics don't get bumped (instead they're descending from the newest topic to the oldest topic) and News stories once typed up are approved by the moderation staff.

Check the pin in that forum for more information.

Teamspeak server back up

Posted by Code (Admins) at Feb 26 2013, 10:24 AM. One comment

Posted Image

Teamspeak server is back up and can be access with the IP

Several Servers Gone. Help Save TS3

Posted by Code (Admins) at Feb 23 2013, 08:17 PM. 8 comments

A few of our servers won't be making a comeback.

TF2 is permanently down
GMOD build is permanently down
DarkRP will not be made
Minecraft is permanently down

I'm hoping to try to get a TS running, but donations can greatly help.

My target is $128 for one year subscription to a 50 slot teamspeak server. Not exactly our old 512 slot, but we never peaked over 30 people in the old teamspeak server.

Our normal donation system is deactivated to remove defunct donation links.

Donations can be made here specifically for a teamspeak server.


Thank you all and specifically to anyone that helped out in anyway to the servers that are now permanently down.

I don't want this to be completely bad news so let me throw in some good news.
For those of you that use play with six to play Day Z, our arma server now supports you joining on it with Play with Six's preferences for mod configuration.

You can add "Magic" in the name filter to find the server quickly. The server unfortunately needs a teamspeak for the ACRE functionality to work, but any teamspeak works since its a clientside mod and not a teamspeak server mod. The server's default mission is ACE Insurgency Fallujah and any admin can ask me for the server admin password to change missions as you please.
MM | Magic Mushroom's Modded DOM/INSURG/Custom Combined Operations Server
0/32 players

Fuk u Code

Posted by Code (Admins) at Feb 18 2013, 04:05 PM. 8 comments

I'm dead.

I have updates I want to implement to the TTT server. Mainly a completely unborked version of ULX, and possibly new mapspspspspspspsppspspsp.

We've also been playing lately on our ARMA server. %200 enemy on fallujah insurgency is just heaven.

I want set the standard map on the ARMA server to fallujah insurgency to alleviate any need to restart the server just to play, and if anyone wants help on how to get on that server feel free to message me on steam or any other faggot that plays on our ARMA server.

But yeah, all updates are coming at a snails pace because of university ham fisting me for the last of my money.

Our Dark RP server has been dead in the water for some time. Mostly because I haven't had time to work on it. Deathpoopy has taken the opportunity to 'try' and get it running. Either way, atleast some advancement is being made with that.

-Can't Corner the Dorner

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